A fueling solution is at hand — Compressed Natural Gas — and Evergreen CNG Systems is the best and most cost-effective fleet refueling solution.

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And, best of all, what’s good for your budget is
also good for the environment.

Today, more and more vehicles are designed specifically for Compressed Natural Gas — buses, trucks and cars are now built to accommodate the CNG alternative refueling solution.


Compressed Natural Gas:  the "Natural" Choice for your Fleet

· Affordable
Compressed Natural Gas is the “natural” choice to power today’s fleets. Buses, trucks, and cars all are increasingly being designed and engineered to use CNG. Moreover, many fleet organizations are now recognizing the advantages of CNG, and are undergoing fleet conversions. CNG, the fuel for tomorrow, is available today. It's is the affordable alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel. Compressed Natural Gas can reduce fuel costs by up to 50% while delivering equal power and performance. In addition, with fuel emission standards on the rise, CNG will substantially improve your bottom line by assuring a cleaner fuel for your fleet.

· Clean
CNG offers a significantly cleaner fuel for your fleet.  Emissions reductions include:
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) by 20-30%   • Carbon monoxide (CO) by 70-90%
• Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) by 75-95%    • Particulate matter (PM) by up to 90%
• Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 89%

CNG compressor set· Abundant
Recent discoveries of vast new natural gas deposits have doubled previous domestic estimates, assuring an ample supply for up to 100 years. In addition, many large reserves, formerly unattainable, are now accessible and will likely expand that estimate.

Because of this abundance of natural gas, CNG will surely play a major role in addressing our future transportation energy needs.

· Domestic
Almost all of the natural gas we use comes from North America. By harnessing natural gas, we strengthen our energy and economic security by reducing our dependence on overseas sources. In a world of political instability, CNG offers a stable, secure fueling alternative.

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Evergreen CNG compressor package

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